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In May of the lunar calendar in 1991, there were two constellations, Gemini and Cancer. May of the lunar calendar in 1991 corresponds to the Gregorian calendar from June 12 to July 11, 1991. Gemini is the third house of the zodiac, and the time of birth is May 21-June 21. Cancer is the fourth house of the zodiac, and the time of birth is June 22-July 22. Geminis are fickle in thinking, unrestrained, and have endless curiosity about things, while Cancers are mentally, emotionally, and insecure.

Geminis love change, and may be capricious and absent-minded when doing one thing; although they have a little cleverness, they are focused, often flow, and have endurance. Gemini people are childish, active, greedy for novelty, and tired of the same life style. Faced with difficult work, they like anything that can be superficial. They are greedy for novelty and like to absorb gossip information, so that they will feel. Gemini is in a state of unconstrained style, and in many cases, Gemini knows what to do next. At this time, they rushed forward with that confidence and courage.

Most Cancers are introverted, although they often express it in a very superficially exaggerated way, but basically they lack self-confidence and are not very able to adapt to the environment. Although things are very interesting, they are very traditional and nostalgic, and they seem to have dual personalities; if you look at it from another angle, they are just emotional sensibility! Cancer is a maternal constellation in the twelve constellations, and so are men. Kind, considerate, vengeful, family and friends. Memory, curiosity, sex, imagination.

Venus = In charge of love and aesthetics, if you want to know what the other person looks like in a relationship, you need to figure out his Venus!

Geminis deal with emotional flames. Ignite, fire, flames are gorgeous, but this fire is adjustable. They will not affect others because of their own lives. Even if they are broken in love, they will not explode. Instead, they will extinguish the fire like a switch, and they will not leave scars on themselves, so they can afford it and let it go. Cancers are their own people, looking for something in return, they just give wholeheartedly. If they know that they are not the other party, then they are willing to leave and hope for the other party. Cancer, because of love, Cancer is calm and rational, very, thorough analysis, as long as you get proof, then turn away without looking back, not one, two, three, four, five, six, seven or eight times.

We need to confirm the date, time, and place of our birth in order to accurately calculate our horoscope. If the account book is lost, friends can apply for a birth certificate at the birth hospital, or check the "household registration transcript" at the household registration office (A fee of 15 yuan is charged for each piece).

After entering the date, time and place of birth, you will see a horoscope chart, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it, let’s slide down (swipe to the right for friends on the computer version), and you will see a table of astrology. Find out the corresponding constellations of the major planets, here are a few discrimination skills:

The sun = your original zodiac sign, your personality, and your first impression of others.

The moon = the potential other side of personality, you need to have the opportunity to see this side for a long time as a person or family member.

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Mercury = in charge of communication, logic, and values. If you want to know how the other person views life, see here.

Mars = representativeness, ambition, impulsiveness, Mars represents a person's movement pattern when he is affected by desire, and it can be seen when a person loses his temper.

Jupiter = Represents the three views of morality and philosophy of life, Jupiter can see a person's attitude and thinking mode in life.

Saturn = Ruler of trials, responsibility. The position of Saturn can be seen how a person will react when tested, suggesting what is the learning topic of our life.

In addition to the above discrimination methods, you still need to look at the house position of the planet. The house position will affect the performance of the corresponding constellation. Friends of Wu Shasha can click "Explanation" in the table to query in-depth analysis.

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In this analysis chart, we will see the ascending, descending, zenith and nadir constellations. These four nodes symbolize life, marriage, career and family. Here I will teach you to interpret the meaning of the four axes:

Rising constellation = your first impression of outsiders, a person will reveal his personality after the age of 25, and when he is 30 years old.

Descending constellation = "suitable for you", as a search standard.

Zenith constellation = you pursue the goal in your life, which implies the way and appearance of you climbing to the top of life.

Zodiac constellation = your "family view", you can see your family pattern, such as family reasons, what you will look like after you get married and start a business.

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May 9, 1961 lunar calendar (June 21, 1961 Gregorian calendar) Your birth date is at the junction of two constellations, which may be Gemini or Cancer.

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