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A. February 2, 2008 is the 26th day of the twelfth lunar month in the World Wetland Day, and the date of the Tiangandizhi is the Renshen day of the Kuichou month in the Dinghai year.

Answer 2007 Ding Hai Year is the Ding Hai Year of the Pig, and the Chinese zodiac on December 26th in 2007 is a pig.

Answer The attributes of the five elements on February 2, 2008: Jiazi five elements [fire], year Nayin five elements [house soil], month Nayin five elements [sang pine wood], day Nayin five elements [Jianfeng gold]

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The Gregorian calendar is the solar calendar, and its calendar year is a return year. The current international Gregorian calendar (Gregorian calendar) and the Chinese stem and branch belong to the solar calendar category.

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The lunar calendar is called the lunar calendar, or the lunar calendar. Its calendar month is a synodic month. There are 12 synodic months in a calendar year. It has 30 days in a big month and 29 days in a month.

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